Bed Bugs Signs To Look For

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  • Important note: if you capture a bug and feel it may be a bed bug save it for identification.  Some bugs are mistaken for a bed bug such as the carpet beetle larva, nymph of a German roach, or small beetle.

Preventative Bed Bug Maintenance

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Bed Bug Control Tips

  • Never pick up appended furniture, this is the most common way to get bed bugs.

  • Never use bed bug foggers as this will kill some bed bugs but place many more into a deeper harborage site.

  • While traveling inspect room for bed bugs before bringing in your belongings.

  • When you return home keep your luggage outside and bring your clothes in for washing. Thoroughly inspect your luggage paying close attention to the seams.

“Check Out Some of My Tips!”

“Check Out Some of My Tips!”


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