What We Do: Ross Pest Management Pest Control

Bed bugs

Our process begins with an inspection followed by heat treatment of bed bugs for optimal removal. Active monitoring of bed bugs and follow up to ensure that bed bugs are being eradicated will take place. Learn more about bed bugs here.


Our process is to inspect the home for access points and to make recommendations. Also, we identify the type of ant infesting your home.  The type of ant and level of infestation will determine our treatment procedure. Learn more about ants here.


Our process is to inspect the office or living space to address cause of infestation. We will identify the type of cockroach, and use proper traps and products to eliminate cockroach population. Learn more about cockroaches here.


Our rodent control program is a thorough inspection to understand level of infestation, entry points and to develop the safest, most appropriate and cost effective control program.  Learn more about mice here.

General Pest control

If your pest problem isn’t listed above, that’s okay! Learn more about other pests we treat here, or just contact with a text or call and let us know about your issue.