Avoid Bed Bugs in Your Home or Apartment

Ross Pest Management comes across all types of homes that have run into the pesky bed bugs. Unfortunately for many people, they come across these pests in a variety of ways.

Ross Pest is happy to help remove bed bugs if anyone is afflicted with them currently. Call or text today to have us come in for an inspection.

The purpose of this article is to help inform the average apartment tenant or home owner on how to best avoid bed bugs.

  • Do not pick up roadside furniture. Roadside furniture is one of the best ways to bring bed bugs, or their eggs, into your home.

  • If roadside furniture is a piece you must have, be sure to thoroughly inspect it before touching it, trying it out, or putting it in your vehicle.

  • Wash all luggage, clothing (even if unused), towels, and blankets from any traveling that was in a hotel room while on vacation.

  • Vacuum home furniture early and often, especially if the home has children that interact at school or share a locker room with other children.

If you have any concerns of recently taking in used furniture or want a professional’s opinion, please don’t hesitate to do some research on family’s Ross Pest has helped in the past. Live life without the concern of bed bug infestations of your home.

Dayton Ranks 24th in Bed Bug Population

A recently completed, nationwide study by Terminix shows that Dayton, Ohio ranked 24th in the United States in Beg Bug Infestations. (Newsweek, 2019).

Neighboring Ohio cities that made the top 50 list include Cincinnati (5), Cleveland (7), Columbus (11), Toledo (28), and Youngstown (48).

Ross Pest Management wants to remind everyone to be vigilant when on vacation this summer. While in hotels, AirBnBs, or renting a seaside house, take precautions when returning home.

If you or anyone you know notices anything in your sheets, luggage, clothing or furniture that there is any suspicion about pests, contact us at Ross Pest Management, we’ll take a look!