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Bed bugs

Discovering Bed Bugs is often a homeowner’s worst fear. Relax and remember it’s just a bug. We’ve got you covered. At Ross Pest we have over 10 years of experience in inspecting, monitoring, and treating for Bed Bugs. From a few bugs to hundreds of thousands we offer the safest, quickest and most cost efficient solution.

  • Heat Treatment, Steam, and Chemical Treatments

  • Active and Ongoing Monitoring

  • Proactive and Post Inspections

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Little ants, big ants, house ants, pavement ants. “The Ants Keep Marching On”. The main reason is that ant colonies can number in the tens of thousands with many satellite colonies. The solution to ant elimination is the colony and satellite colonies must be eliminated. When you’ve had enough of dealing with ants, give us a call. We can most often solve your ant issue in one visit.

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Nothing will make your heart skip a beat faster than discovering a cockroach on your kitchen counter. Cockroaches are considered the most successful insect on earth by many entomologists. They do multiply very quickly, can feed on about anything and can survive extreme environments. When it comes to eliminating cockroaches, give us a call today!

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Mice/Rodents are the most common mammals in the world, both in number and in species. Mice live in a very secretive and adaptive life style. Mice establish nests and when you see one there is a good chance there are more. If you’re dealing with mice give us a call.

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General Pest control

From Wasps and Spiders to the occasional Stink Bug, Ross Pest has you covered. At Ross Pest we understand that you just want the issues solved without a long sales presentation and a lengthy contract. 

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